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Blue Monday

Experience this fine piece of urban art as a special edition. Our artworks blend in a modern and classic decor perfectly.
Each artwork is hand crafted: printed on real photo paper, embedded on dibond and laminated with highest quality perspex, finished with a custom wooden frame. Colors will come to life by the carefully chosen proces, you’ll be amazed every time you look at it.

This fine piece of art is deliverable in two sizes:

  • 100 cm wide – 150 cm high
  • 120 cm wide – 180 cm high
    [Portrait orientation]


Each art piece comes with a certificate of authenticity, signed by the artist.


The Story of the Artist

Our visit to these thermal baths was quite hilarious, looking back at it. When we approached the thermen we saw a man walking at the property. We thought we were caught. So we ran away and jumped over a fence, into the woods. But the man walked towards us and came closer quickly, so we went the other way, again over a fence. Then we hid in the bushes, but the dog found us pretty soon. It could have been a funny movie.

The man laughed at us and let us go into the Thermal Baths. Finally we could enjoy our time at the famous blue thermal baths. Inside it’s very clear why they’re called Thermen Blue. The main color of the rooms, corridors and the swimming pool is blue.

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