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martijn walet

the artist

Walking through the ashes of time, flairing up the dust of that what once was. Being aware of a past life, full of energy, that embraced this place. A passion for abandoned places. 

I am Martijn Walet, Urban Photographer, with a passion for abandoned locations. That moment when I feel the sun heating up, even during cold winter days, and walking towards a new experience. A “new” but old beauty, it doesn’t just heat my body, it’s heating up my mind. It gives a certain feeling that is not to comprehend. 
The transitions some places make during the passing of all those years they have been abandoned, give me a rush. A rush to explore, a rush to capture it with my camera and bring it back to life. 
Every time I walk into a certain location, I am aware people left their belongings. Sometimes for no particular reason, others for a reason unknown to me. Every location has its own rich history. If only the walls could talk, they would tell you an absolute Hollywood story. 
In some occasions I’ll get to know the history of a location, encountering attributes that will throw me back 40/50 years in time. Dulled, amazed and stunned it has been “frozen” in time. The atmosphere I love to capture…..
through the ashes of time – Martijn Walet

Bearing down upon a path we choose
Chosen from the start living different rules
Existence, something to cherish true
I will not succumb to doubts that I hold onto


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