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SUSANNE - An artist with love for crumbling decay, linework within the most beautiful abandoned buildings. A serious eye for detail

Martijn walet

MARTIJN - An artist with love for abandoned religious and industrial scenery's. Sharp eye for complete overviews and detail.

Infinity Photographs

ALICE - Determined to encounter the most beautiful and fascinating abandoned castles, with a sharp eye for special staircases.

Each artist has their own story to tell. Art is not just a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced. Our artists encounter the most beautiful and fascinating urban and derelict scenery’s.

Our artists have their own stories to tell, and so do their artworks. The power of the message each artwork creates is different for everyone, which is its magic.

With a well trained and detailed eye they shoot some of the best photos around.

Urban Art brings you a carefully curated perspective of the contemporary art world