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about us

About us

Urban Art Gallery is a collection of urban photography gems, each unique in its own way.

Experience our fine pieces of urban art. Our artworks blend in a modern and classic decor perfectly, leaving a lasting impression. Take a stroll around in our virtual gallery and imagine yourself visiting a real gallery.

Each artwork is handcrafted: printed on real photo paper, seamlessly layered on dibond and laminated with highest quality perspex, finished with a custom wooden frame. Colors will come to life by the carefully chosen proces, you’ll be amazed every time you look at it.



Urban Art brings you a carefully curated perspective of the contemporary art world. Our philosophy offers you an approachable behind-the-scenes look into the work of new, emerging, and established artists.

Our artists travel around the world to encounter the beauty of urban life. With their passion and artistic eye, they capture the most beautiful derelict or urban views.